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Targets key pressure points located on feet and hands. Some of the benefits include nerve function stimulation, increased circulation, toxin eliminations and relaxation.

30 min- $60 |  60 min- $100 



Involves soft, long kneading and gliding strokes to relieve muscles tension & promote relaxation and well-being.

30 min- $60 | 60 min- $100  |  90 min- $150


Deep Tissue

Focuses on deeper layers of muscle 

tissue, tendons, ligament and fascia

while relieving chronic muscle pain.

30 min- $60 |  60 min- $100  |  90 min- $150

Deep Tissue Energy

This modality integrates massage with Reiki (Energy Healing), alleviating muscle tensions, balancing your body energy and giving you a sense of general well-being.

60 min- $105 |  90 min- $160


Body Mind Spirit

Includes therapeutic massage to relieve muscle tension throughout the body, Indian Head & Face Massage to clear your mind, and Energy Healing (Reiki) to decreases stress. This massage balances your energy chakras while increasing your sense of inner peace. 

60 min- $125  |  90 min- $190


Head Massage

Based on ancient Indian healing system called Ayurveda, this service includes head massage with acupressure points, light neck, shoulder, and upper back massage. This technique provides general relaxation and helps alleviate stress, migraine and tension headache.

30 min- $60

Hawaiian Sacred Lomi®

Sacred Lomi® Massage is a Hawaiian healing practice that includes continuous, flowing and nurturing movements that replicate the wind and waves of a tropical island. The Hawaiian traditions are woven into the massage, promoting the release of physical tension but also deep-sesated, repressed mental and emotional energies, leaving you fully relaxed, yet energized.

60 min- $125  |  90 min- $190

Nurturing the Mother® Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal: Facilitates overall relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, diminishes back pain, neck and shoulder tension and headaches. Improves mood and quality of sleep.

Postpartum: Helpful in relieving pain, reduces stress to improve general well-being and breast feeding.

60 min- $105 

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